Operational Reviews / Change Management

Operational due diligence and review can be necessary as part of a forthcoming acquisition, integration following a merger or maybe as part of a new Target Operating Model (“TOM”).

JTW have the breadth of experience and expertise to understand, analyse and map out the entire lifecycle of a reinsurance operation. We produce reports and solutions that are pragmatic and help deliver these to stakeholders throughout the business.

“Julian was able to combine his excellent knowledge of regulatory compliance and conduct risk in the delegated underwriting marketplace with his skill for building relationships across the business and critically with the underwriting community and coverholders”.

James Lewis, Head of Underwriting Management, MS Amlin

“Julian is knowledgeable, experienced, and articulate on reinsurance matters, and is adept at providing useful and commercially astute services. He has produced excellent results for companies I have managed. He is perceptive of clients’ needs, and a pleasure to work with”.

Andrew Maneval, formerly President, Horizon Management (The Hartford)

Underwriting Management

Underwriting Management ensures that policies, standards, processes, controls and training are in place to execute underwriting strategies and meet compliance requirements.

JTW can assess the effectiveness of current practices and procedures and make recommendations to better meet strategic objectives, improve efficiencies and ensure controls and guidelines are effective.

“Julian is technically strong and demonstrates a positive “can do” approach to challenges. He is particularly good at cultivating and sustaining professional relationships over time”.

Paul Dassenko, President & CEO at Risk Transfer Underwriting, Inc.

“I have worked with Julian on a number of occasions and I have always been impressed by his in-depth insurance and reinsurance technical expertise and knowledge. He constantly demonstrated the ability to work all levels – from Board Director to technician. A good business head!”

Vince Wooding, Corporate VP, WNS Global Services

Legacy Management

Once an entire company – or a significant portfolio – are discontinued, the business approach changes completely. Branding and relationships may remain essential, but so is a new strategy towards running off, closing down and possibly selling off the liabilities and maximizing reinsurance recoveries.

JTW can provide input into this re-evaluation process and help structure and implement an effective legacy management strategy.

“Julian’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the reinsurance industry were key for a successful completion of various projects linked to claims reviews, analysis of portfolios and training. His communication skills combined with his experience and technical understanding are invaluable.”

Daniel Fernandez, Deputy Head of Specialty Claims, SCOR

“Julian is a highly experienced reinsurance insurance/professional with an in depth knowledge of the UK and USA markets. He has provided consultancy services to a number of companies with whom I have been associated with during that time. His significant attributes include his ability to review and analyze complex matters quickly and provide recommended solutions and his ability to communicate and work well with colleagues and clients at all levels.”

Oliver Kelly, formerly Claims Manager, ESG Re Specialty

Inspections of Records / Audits

For a variety of reasons a reinsurer may wish to carry out a contractual inspection of the books and records of its cedants and/or brokers. Was the contract accurately constructed and represented, have insurers complied with the terms and conditions, have premiums been properly accounted and claims fairly reserved, how financially stable are the parties involved?

JTW have decades of experience planning and undertaking these reviews, identifying, investigating and quantifying irregularities, always maintaining utmost professionalism in order to maintain working relationships.

“Julian assisted my company with several audits in conjunction with insurance/reinsurance disputes. He clearly has expertise in how the London market works, and the internal operations of insurers and reinsurers, to effectively plan and execute specialty audits. His results helped solidly support complex legal claims and defences required to win our case.”

Denise Tessier-Brown, formerly Law Department, The Hartford

“Julian, is well known and respected in the International (Re)insurance market for his work in the field of audit and inspections. He is detailed and systematic in the approach he adopts in order to gain a competitive advantage for his clients.”

Bill Rookes, Director, Accord Re-Insurance Services Limited


A key element of every legacy management strategy is to crystalize liabilities at the earliest opportunity. The review of a book of portfolios of business to identify potential commutation targets, to reconcile contracts and balances to determine starting points from where negotiations can begin. Often the use of commutations to resolve complex and sometimes very contentious disputes.

JTW are adept at determining commutation strategies, supporting client’s positions with audits and inspections where appropriate, negotiating deals and throughout being conscious of the net position vis-à-vis a client’s own retrocession programme.

“As MD of Cobalt Solutions Australia, I used Julian’s services as a reinsurance consultant on a number of occasions. Julian’s knowledge was immense and his professional approach outstanding. His willingness to go the ‘extra yard’ in ensuring that our needs were met was extremely important for an Australian based operation seeking solutions in the London and NY markets.”

Peter Clarke, formerly Managing Director, Cobalt Solutions Australia (for GIO)

“Julian has always had a lot of contacts in the market and has used them to gain knowledge and insight relevant to his consultancy and inspection work.”

Jim Moran, Acquisitions team, R&Q

Expert Witness Testimony

Occasionally disputes cannot be resolved and litigations and arbitrations ensue. Examinations of records under discovery conditions become necessary.

JTW have extensive experience of liaising with clients and their legal advisors in order to produce comprehensive, factual reports and to support these by giving evidence in litigation or arbitration proceedings.

“Julian was of invaluable assistance to ESG in our review of several significant reinsurance contracts. He not only has an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of reinsurance but he is also an articulate and persuasive witness in legal proceedings.”

Peggy Webster, formerly COO, ESG Reinsurance Specialty

“Julian brings not only focus and precision to his assignments but is able to bring together those technical aspects of a project with the commercial realities and needs of his clients.”

Susan Grondine-Dauwer, formerly Officer & Director, First State Insurance Company

Reinsurance Debt & Recoveries

The collection of aged, complex and often contentious balances due to a client can be fraught. Difficulties can include questions of identifying which contracts should be subject to discussion, disputed claims, unreconciled accounting items and possible time bar.

JTW act swiftly and diplomatically to open lines of communication, identify log jams in negotiation, reconcile balances and effect recoveries. Where appropriate, JTW can advise on the sale of reinsurance assets to third parties.

“I have known and worked with Julian in the NY and London markets for many years on various insurance / reinsurance projects relating to audits / inspections, commutations, developing policy wordings and general consultancy. Julian is extremely dedicated, professional and do whatever is necessary to meet the client’s needs”.

Cheryl Sweeney, formerly Head of Legal & Product Development, CNA Insurance

“Julian connected us with people in the marketplace. His knowledge of the players in the International and London Market was instrumental in getting to the right people.”

Jeff Kaczynski, formerly Risk Manager, Assurant



Changing circumstances within every company mean current and existing staff need to acquire new skills. Key staff need to be up to speed with increasing regulation and compliance.

With regards to all aspects of their expertise, JTW can provide tailored reinsurance training. This can be in-house workshops, online training, onsite or online mentoring of teams or individuals, or perhaps by way of webinar so as to reach all staff across a number of countries and locations.

“Julian’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the reinsurance industry were key for a successful completion of various projects linked to claims reviews, analysis of portfolios and training. His communication skills combined with his experience and technical understanding are invaluable.”

Daniel Fernandez, Deputy Head of Specialty Claims, SCOR

“It was a pleasure to have Julian Ward as a speaker for Run-Off and Commutations. His insights and passion for the insurance industry is second to none. Julian is an absolute expert speaker full of integrity and intellect”.

Hillary Jensen, Manager, C-5 Conferences

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