Delegated Authority


In-house workshops

JTW provide workshops on a two day intensive, one day, half day and 90 minute “whistlestop” basis. These are appropriate for all parties in the delegated authority distribution chain. If the composition and experience of the target audience is known in advance then our workshop content and delivery can be tailored accordingly.

“I have known Julian for many years. In that time, I have seen him engaged in giving Delegated Authority and Audit training to underwriting teams and also to Capsicum Delegated Authority brokers.

From a brokers perspective, Julian tailored his presentation covering such topics as : – Duties of a Broker, Duties on Placement and Duties of Care. He was very engaging whilst covering many topics, including that of FCA & Lloyd’s expectations. Julian pitched his presentation appropriately and at the right level in accordance with his audience. There were many good debates around types of contracts and to their content. The atmosphere was very relaxed and even the junior members, found it very comfortable so to ask questions and discuss the topics being raised”

Sarah Peppiatt, Delegated Authority Director, Capsicum Delegated Authority (A Gallagher Company)

On-site mentoring

Sometimes our clients require us to provide on-site and/or remote mentoring to key individuals,. The mentoring can for example concentrate upon underwriting management, conduct, delegated authority or binding authority strategies generally, or maybe on a specific area such as understanding risk-based due diligence.

“His diplomatic and professional skills, his ability to bring together those with different interests and points of view, his drive to get things done, regardless of the hour, and keeping all involved positively enthused very much impressed me. It was a distinct pleasure to work with Julian.”

GeertJan Verheij – Compliance, risk management and corporate governance, MS Amlin

Online Training

JTW are now bringing their training expertise to a global audience by providing bite-sized online training modules on specific areas of delegated authority expertise. We can could provide these in house to all of your international offices adapted to your specific requirements. Alternatively, please click here to sign on to one of our open market training modules.

“As the new delegated framework was implemented Julian was also able to use his training skills to implement face to face, online and webex training to a wide range of functions – this played a key role in embedding the new framework across the business.”

James Lewis, Head of Underwriting Management, MS Amlin


JTW provide a FREE delegated authority overview webinar. Also available will be quarterly discussions on hot topics such as conduct risk, distribution chains  and renewal transparency. For further details and to sign on to one of these webinars please click here.

“One particular project I, my team and Compliance worked with Julian to achieve was the delivery of in person and webinar based training to all MS Amlin underwriters on the regulatory requirements, including conduct risk guidelines and standards, on all forms of delegated underwriting. Julian led the provision of this training which, based on feedback from underwriters, was delivered clearly and professionally.”

Helen Donegan, Group Underwriting Performance Manager, MS Amlin

18 July 2018

“Contracts EMEA, Property & Specialty at Swiss Re retained JTW Connect to present to the group (live in person, by teleconference and accessible via our intranet) on the subject of delegated authority – in particular contrasting the different types of delegated underwriting authority and the impact of compliance and conduct risk on delegated underwriting strategy. The content and delivery of the presentation was excellent.

The Head of Contracts EMEA provided feedback that it was ‘one of the best summaries of the topic I have seen so far’. We plan to ask Julian back to make further presentations on specific elements such as broker duties.”

Peter Wedge

Global Contracts Knowledge Manager at Swiss Re

Zürich Area, Switzerland

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